Jewelry has always been a passion for me. I often found myself looking at pieces available for and thinking “why can’t I find what I am looking for!!??”

Jewelry design is literally in my DNA- my grandmother Thursa, who is part Cherokee Indian, spent a lot of her free time spinning webs of dream catchers and intricate beading while telling stories of our ancestors. I incorporated her passion for our heritage with my passion for fashion and the unexpected and Soulful-Lee Yours was born.

I am a mother of 4 and a full time preschool teacher, but you will always find me, in my free time, hunched over my jewelry table or devouring the latest fashion blogs and magazines seeking inspiration. I truly believe nothing makes a woman feel more together than the right piece of jewelry, and it is that belief that fuels my desire to stay on trend and provide my customers with fresh and exciting pieces!
I love what I do and hope to one day make my unique and individual, one of a kind pieces full time! I hope you can feel the love and passion that was put into every piece the team at Soulful-lee yours creates. I am lucky enough to have a very creative team, including my closest friends and sister- we love coming up with new and innovative pieces and we hope that translates in our art! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back In The Game...again

I have disappeared from blogging for quite awhile, but for many reasons. One of them is that we really picked up speed in the selling of jewelry and the whole business aspect of it. So between that and the 4 boys, time wasn't alloted for writing. Second reason was.. I was stumped at the whole aspect of what to write. I am very critical of myself, and have to double check, triple check....critque everything. I even correct my texts, which is something I am working hard not to do. But then I realized in the past few months, I might have something valuable to share. Maybe.

I have had a crazy year, for sure. We have had several shows, and doing well on Etsy and Yardsellr. Last year, a few ladies asked if I do 'home shows', and I responded with a 'no, I could never'. Over the months, I ask myself (and my fellow designers) 'Why not?'. So now we are in the works of creating trunk shows, so we can share our collections in a comfy home atmosphere. Another new journey awaits us!

This fall my oldest left for college, and it's been a big mommy struggle. Granted he is only an hour away, having him gone has been tough. Getting used to setting the table for 5, him not being here for game night, or finding his smelly socks in random spots...has been difficult. But at the same time, it's giving me a taste of the empty nest syndrome. Bad, bad taste. It is reality. Spending my whole life making this child my world, giving up everything to be there for him. I would never, ever change that, but when I see that his is doing well in college, and starting his new journey...I sit crying with an empty spot at the dinner table. I had an epiphany last week- I need to do some things for myself. Start my own journey, and realize the kids will be fine. My house is slowly becoming quieter- from 4 rambunctious boys running and wrestling...to 2 teenagers who 'disappear' into their rooms, and a spirited 5 year old.

So that's why I titled this 'Back In The Game'....I am going to get this business to where I DREAM of it being...a chance for everyone to enjoy a piece of Soulful-Lee Yours. Love-n-Peace