Jewelry has always been a passion for me. I often found myself looking at pieces available for and thinking “why can’t I find what I am looking for!!??”

Jewelry design is literally in my DNA- my grandmother Thursa, who is part Cherokee Indian, spent a lot of her free time spinning webs of dream catchers and intricate beading while telling stories of our ancestors. I incorporated her passion for our heritage with my passion for fashion and the unexpected and Soulful-Lee Yours was born.

I am a mother of 4 and a full time preschool teacher, but you will always find me, in my free time, hunched over my jewelry table or devouring the latest fashion blogs and magazines seeking inspiration. I truly believe nothing makes a woman feel more together than the right piece of jewelry, and it is that belief that fuels my desire to stay on trend and provide my customers with fresh and exciting pieces!
I love what I do and hope to one day make my unique and individual, one of a kind pieces full time! I hope you can feel the love and passion that was put into every piece the team at Soulful-lee yours creates. I am lucky enough to have a very creative team, including my closest friends and sister- we love coming up with new and innovative pieces and we hope that translates in our art! Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Turning Of A New Leaf

Happy New Year To All!!! I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine were. As the boys are growing older (17, 14, 12, 4) they are more appreciative of the little things the holiday brings... not what battery operated toy of the moment Santa brought. Well, Little Evan is still there, being that he is only 4.

Now is the New Year, which always gives me a tinge of excitement in my tummy. I crave for fresh starts. The start of a new journal- picking just the right one and it's clean, unwritten pages. The beginning of a desk calendar- disposing of the graffiti ridden one of the prior year. The fresh pack of crisp clean socks. Or the idea of the 'no soda-no carbs- diet I come up with every year, just to only make it until the end of January. But this year I have NEW New Year goals that will benefit not only me and my sanity, but my family. It is to be thoroughly and completely grateful for each and everyday I have. Sounds simple, right?

Do you gripe about traffic also? ( i say that I am lucky to have a vehicle) On Monday Morning do you roll over, hit the snooze and smile about having a job to go to? Well you should- especially nowadays. Grumble about your kids? There have been several kids that my boys know who have passed away this past year. My heart hurts for their parents as I get to hug my children everyday. So everyday I promise to take the time to say Hello to a new day and be thankful that I can do it.
'I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.
J. B. Priestly '